Splunk Connector

If you’ve just downloaded our BreachAlert connector for Splunk, you’ll also need a subscription to BreachAlert before you can bring any data in. BreachAlert subscriptions are only available to business users, sorry!

What does it do?

The app brings live results from BreachAlert into Splunk, letting you pivot, filter, and dashboard like a pro.

Typical use cases for the integration are:

  • Automated detection of exposed or compromised email credentials matching your organizational domains
  • Detect hacktivists talking about your IT infrastructure in Dark Web chatrooms
  • Eliminate false positives by filtering out results for inactive mailboxes
  • Deduplicate results, saving time and effort
  • Direct email notification from Splunk to affected employees, whenever one of their passwords is exposed online.

Request a trial account

If you’d like to get access to a trial account, get started by booking a live demo of BreachAlert with Splunk.

Just fill in the form at: https://info.skurio.com/book-a-demo